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A hostel is a place where students usually live and which is managed or controlled by administration. This facility is for those who have to shift to other cities for their studies as after schooling, student move towards colleges, it may be possible that colleges in which they want to study be in the same city or may be not. If colleges of their choice are not in the same city, then they have to visit into other city for their study.
One of the most common benefits of living in hostels is that students do not have to waste time and energy in travelling all the way to their college.
In hostels students learns audacity, bravery, daring from other student, which may help students to face the practical life more confidently.
Here, at M.K.S. College the hostels are comfortably furnished and are under the direct control and management of our authority. Our hostel rooms are spacious and comfy and make for a good home away from home.

Student Information System

This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report.